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iTreater is an automatic food provider using the internet. But only giving dried food is not enough for your pet.
So, iTreater is developed to provide treats to pets remotely as well.

Remote Checking Leftover Food & Feeding

you can give food to your pet after checking the amount of leftover.

Remote Snacking

iTreater allows you to provide 6 different kinds of snacks even while you are our.

Recording your voice

You can record your voice while you are out and play it through iTreater so that your pet can listen to your voice.

Remote Movie & Music playback

Let’s provide interesting contents while your pet is alone. also your pet might love to listen to music and play video using Youtube.

Remote Health Condition Check

iTreater allows you to check pet’s temperature using infrared thermometer.

Timer Setting

You can set automatic mealtime.

Protable Device

You can carry iTreater outside with supplementary battery.

Easy to wash

You can wash the bowls easily.

Wifi Connection

iTreater provides wireless internet connection